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Hoyu is the No.1* for hair color in Japan! *Data source: INTAGE SRI (Accumulated Japan market share data from Apr. 1995 - Jun. 2017 sales base)

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Bigen  Fragrant Hair Color Long-lasting type for perfect coverage

1 Long-lasting type

Color fading reduction formula Compared to conventional products of Hoyu

2. Adheres to hair and coveres gray

Cream type

Milky type

3. No pungent odor and light aromatic scent

Cream type

Milky type

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Bigen  Cream Tone Hard-to-color hairline can be perfectly colored

Cream Tone has achieved No.1 sales volume for more than 20 consecutive years.* *Data source: INTAGE SRI (Accumulated Japan market share data from Apr. 1995 – Jun. 2017 sales base)

1. Long-lasting type enables to keep color of hairline and parting longer

2. Comes with a compact brush that enables easy application to hairline details

3. You can use  just what you need and keep the remainder for future applications

Instructions & Color Guide

Bigen  Pumping Foam Color Just push on the pump dispenser, easy to use

1. Handy pump-type hair color

2. Refill type product, which is easier to keep on using

3. Creamy foam adhering to hair

For 1st-time users Please buy both an exclusive pump dispenser and a refill. From 2nd time Just buy a refill. The exclusive pump dispenser can be reused.

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Bigen  Speedy Color Fragrance-free hair color with less unpleasant pungent odor

1. Speedy type with just 10-minute developing time

2. Fragrance-free with less pungent odor

3. You can choose from 2 types

Cream type

Milky type

Instructions & Color Guide

Bigen  Coloring Treatment Keeps the beautiful hair color

1. While caring for your hair and scalp with the hair color and color treatment, keeps the beautiful hair color

2. Easy to use! Just use after shampoo

3. Makes hair roots resilient and hair bouncy

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Bigen  Hair Mascara Instantly covers up gray before going out! Covers up by just one step

1. Comb clings closely to hair covers up gray with just one stroke

2. Colors gray hair gradually each time

3. Dry formula

4. Natural finish

5. Contains rose water as moisturizing ingredient

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